Solar policy

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The National Solar Mission was launched on the 11th January, 2010 by the Prime Minister. The Mission has set the ambitious target of deploying 20,000 MW of grid connected solar power by 2022 is aimed at reducing the cost of solar power generation in the country through (i) long term policy; (ii) large scale deployment […]

Procedure to get subsidy on Solar PV Systems through NABARD in India

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Note: As on January 2016, Government has released a priority list for processing subsidy claims. Schools, public institutions, etc are higher up on the priority list and residential projects are lowest in the priority list. And thus getting the subsidy on residential projects is getting increasingly difficult. NABARD has stopped the subsidy scheme in March […]

Net Metering Policies

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Net Metering – Between December 2014 and May 2015, nearly 821 MW solar capacities have already been added across India. No wonder solar energy segment has been flourishing following Indian government’s decision to revise the target from 20GW to 1 Lakh MW, a fivefold increase, by 2022. Scaling to 100GW from the current 3.8GW capacity […]